Bill Gates retakes world’s richest title from Jeff Bezos

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos enjoyed being the richest person in the world for just a few hours on Thursday when he dethroned the former holder Bill Gates.
A dip in Amazon’s stock price later in the day took Bezos steps behind Gates, once again.
The Microsoft founder returned to the top spot when he finished the day with a net worth of $89.8 billion while Bezos trailed him with $88.8 billion, according to Forbes and Bloomberg.
Bezos’s net worth peaked at $90 billion on Thursday morning when he gained $1.4 billion in the stock market, eclipsing Gates’ net worth by $500 million.
The Amazon founder is the seventh person to hold the title of the world’s richest person, though briefly.
He was ranked third richest in the world on Forbes 2017 list of the world’s billionaires, with a fortune of $72.8 billion.
Bezos, who started selling books online just over two decades ago, had his first feature on the Forbes 400 list in 1998.