Acceess Bank boss meets Microsoft CEO, re-emphasizes commitment to improve banking practices


Herbert Wigwe, the Group Managing Director of Access Bank has re-emphasized the Bank’s commitment to improving banking practices in Nigeria and Africa by leveraging massively on technology.
He stated this during his strategic meeting with Satya Nadella, the Chief executive Officer of Microsoft in Seattle, United states of American on Thursday September 27, 2018.
Access Bank as a leading financial institution in Nigeria has recently announced its five-year strategic plan focusing on enhancing Africa’s position in the global community and this high- level meeting with Satya Nadella is definitely a step in the right direction to achieving this goal.
“Africa is currently experiencing a massive growth in wider access to and adoption of technology, espgecially in improving businesses processes and lifestyle as well as optimum use of resources. However, we still realise that there are still untapped and immense opportunities, to provide essential and well-secured channels for transactions using technology to raise the standard of banking services in Africa, even while understanding the socio-economic dynamics of the countries,” said Herbert Wigwe.
Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft stated, “I want Microsoft to enable organisations like Access Bank to innovate digitally and grow their business exponentially.”
He noted that only two entities are capable of being the Alibaba of Nigeria – A massive retail operation or a large financial institution. “We need partners like you who have deep ambition for exceptional customer service.”
“We will be delighted to form a deeper relationship with Access Bank to drive innovation, and by extension exceptional customer experience in the African financial services space.”
Access Bank through this partnership with Microsoft has already begun its five-year mission to enhance the perception of Africa by drawing the attention of the global community to the indigenous products of Africans – their rich history, people, culture, art, and lifestyle – while providing channels where businesses can fully participate in commercial activities globally.
The Bank has consistently positioned itself to lead the innovation conversation among financial institutions by leveraging on technology to provide fast, secure, and reliable banking experience for customers within Nigeria and the African Continent.